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FIRELABS is a test laboratory recognized by the building authorities for tests and examinations in preventive fire protection.

Our main area of expertise is the testing of textile products for interior use, advertising media, coated and uncoated fabrics for tents or sun and weather protection, as well as films for a wide range of applications.

We offer you our 30 years of experience in testing according to national and international standards, regulations and guidelines and issue the corresponding test certificates.

We will be pleased to advise you on all questions regarding fire protection and assist you in the development of your products.

Our aim is to carry out tests on your products quickly, competently and cost-effectively.

If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to call us or use our contact form.

Fire Protection

In general, the term fire protection is understood to mean the aim of preventing the development of fire, preventing its spread and minimizing the effects of a fire.

The question of whether building materials or components made from them are suitable for providing adequate protection is answered by the provisions of building law.

The use of suitable building materials and components in particular ensures a lasting level of safety.

The aim of modern architecture is to harmonise functionality, durability and aesthetics and thus characterise the object.

As testing body

we carry out tests

to classify building materials and provide final proof with a test certificate

as a basis for general building inspectorate certificates and approvals, approvals in exceptional approvals.

During the development of products we test typical characteristic values

heat release on the basis of determined calorific values

smoke development during combustion and smouldering

burning dripping.

We test on building materials:

DIN 4102-B2 (normal flammability)

DIN 4102-B1 (flame retardant)

DIN 4102-A2 and -A1 (non-combustible)

In DIBt approval procedure

EN 13501-1 classes A1, A2, B, C, D, E

Construction products:

Roofing for resistance to flying brands and radiated heat according to DIN 4102-7.

As monitoring body

We monitor construction products in the:

– the regulated sector, if these require the certificate of conformity label (Ü) according to national rules, and

– the voluntary area, which concerns products that do not have to be marked with the mark of conformity label according to national rules, but whose properties are to be regularly product-monitored and tested.

This includes

initial testing of the building product

in-house production control

initial inspection of the manufacturing plant

continuous monitoring

As certification body

we certify the conformity of building products with:

– general building inspectorate certificates

– general building inspectorate approvals,

on the basis of in-house production control and regular external monitoring.

We are a testing, inspection and certification body recognised by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in accordance with the State Building Regulations for building products in accordance with VV TB.

According to the conformity mark regulation of the German federal states, we can issue the certificate of conformity for these products.


Form for requesting a test on textile products or films (all classes and applications):

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Telefon: 033845-90901


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